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In Loving Memory

A Hymn to the Fallen

Uploaded on Aug 5, 2011
In honor of the soldiers who give us the freedoms we have today. American Cemeteries around the world and the number of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Support the troops.

"Hymn to the Fallen from Saving Private Ryan" by John Williams (Google Play • iTunes • AmazonMP3)

Deadeye, Ralph M. Alton
Alton was a Deadeye from M co. 382nd regiment seeing combat on Okinawa. He passed away September 30, 2009 after a battle with cancer.

He hailed from Bruceville, Indiana

Deadeye, Jason Autrey

He served his country very proudly as a Deadeye of the

96th Division, Leyte

Pleasant Hill, Illinois

Deadeye, William E. "Andy" Anderson, 1920-2011

96th Division, Leyte and Okinawa,

Dyersburg, TN

Andy will be deeply missed by his Deadeye buddies in WWII

Deadeye, Samuel B "Barney" Avery
    Barney was an honorable Deadeye who served in the second squad of the Mortar Platoon, with M. Co. 382nd Infantry on Okinawa in 1945.
Deadeye, George E Banning


96th Division, Leyte and Okinawa,

an honored member of  "The Greatest Generation."

Spirit Lake, Iowa

Deadeye, Elised E. "Chuck" Briggs


96th Division, Leyte and Okinawa,

Muskegon, MI

"He was a well respected and likeable Deadeye, and we all miss his affable nature and his stories."

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Pvt. Anthony M.E. Cazares

Willys Model MB Jeep
1/4-ton 4x4 Utility Truck

96th Infantry Division "DeadEye"

381st Infantry Regiment, "C" Company Okinawa 1945


To Honor my Father in Law

Copyright © 2000

Jim Lewis

GunTruck Studios

Deadeye, Roland Champagne

96th Infantry Division 382 Infantry K Company

Beloved Deadeye Father Interred March 31, 2014 at Arlington National Cemetery

The video of his beautiful military funeral service at Arlington National Cemetary may be seen by clicking HERE The password is Myhero.

Complete webpage with his battle stories and photos
Deadeye, Grant E Cook
Photos and Oral War Story Files of Deadeye, Grant Cook
Deadeye, Louis J. Denno


Louis J. Denno was a member of the 96th Infantry Signal Corp Company C

This tribute honors the grandfather of Jason Denno, and all the Vets of WWII. He was an honorable man who made his home near Roaring River, Cassville Missouri.

Deadeye, John Frank Heifner

1926 -2013

Alexandria, Indiana

"He was a faithful man who lived his life for Jesus Christ with great respect towards God, family, and country."

Deadeye, Sgt. George R. Hill

96th Division, 382nd. co B

KIA May 16, 1945 Okinawa

James D. Jackson

Co L, 382 Regiment

96th Infantry Division

MIA 11    May 1945    Okinawa

Deadeye, Donald J. Johnson


96th Division 382nd Infantry M Company

mortar Squad

Don was a beloved 96 year-old veteran of the US Army 96th Division from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Deadeye, Peter George Koslow
Story 1

U S Army WWII - Killed in Action


James Koslow makes a rubbing of his brother Peter's Name while on a Valor Tour with Don Dencker


Deadeye, Vincent Paul Megna

     This is a tribute to the late Vincent Paul Megna who served with the Deadeyes in the 921st F.A. Battalion with Battery B on Leyte and Okinawa in WWII. He was from Benton Harbor, MI.

 This tribute was submitted by his daughter, Lila Megna.

Deadeye, Kenneth R. Morgan
We warmly remember Ken for the person he was: how well he lived his life as a Christian, father, husband, grandfather, uncle, and shop foreman. We honor his life and the contributions he made as a combat soldier in the US Army - M Co 382nd on Leyte and Okinawa.
Deadeye, Henrik B Palm
2 This is an Artilleryman's story, who left his life as a young father, a dry cleaner from Chicago and returned three years later. It includes an exclusive live recording from WJR Detroit 1944.
This tribute was submitted by his daughter, Joanne Cooke
Deadeye, Norman J. Poshusta

PFC  US Army Co. L, 383rd Reg, 96th Infantry Division

Poshusta served on Leyte, and Okinawa on Kakazu Ridge. He was a Purple Heart Medal recipient.

He passed in December, 1990 after a battle with cancer.

This tribute was written by his Grandson, Corey Lentz


Deadeye, Wilburn "Levis" Worsham

Staff Sargent Worsham was a medic in M Co 382 and served on Leyte and Okinawa.

He passed away at the age of 89 on August 9, 2012

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VIDEO of Bodies of US soldiers are buried at 96th Division Cemetery in Okinawa during World War II

Very Sensitive - May be upsetting to view


Link to order this clip:
Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD.


Troops of US 96th Grave Registration Unit remove dog tags and belongings from dead soldiers  

Very Sensitive - May be upsetting to view

from Critical Past

Troops of US 96th Grave Registration Unit load dead bodies ...

Very Sensitive - May be upsetting to view


By Critical Past



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To the US Navy, WWII
  WWII tributes would not be complete without recognizing the US Navy, all its Sailors and Airmen, the magnitude of their missions, their personal sacrifices, and their devotion to duty.

   After sustaining massive losses at Pearl Harbor, the US Navy recovered and engaged in sea battles and eventually gained control of the oceans. While under fire they took ground forces to the battlegrounds, ferried these Soldiers and Marines to shore, and delivered the mail, food, fuel, and ordnance over thousands of miles, and rescued downed flyers. They  protected troops en-route, sank enemy attack and supply ships,  and submarines, cleared beaches, shot down enemy bombers, shelled enemy positions from offshore, and carried the wounded back home. They also delivered parts of the atomic bombs.

It is true the war was won by the joint effort of millions of men and women in the service and millions of civilians in factories and volunteers of our country, and all deserve credit.

We Deadeyes honor the valiant and crucial service of the US Navy during WWII.


See the Deadeye Tribute to Admiral Spruance

Click Seal to Link

US Navy Oral History-Battle for Okinawa

Recollections of Commander Frederick Julian Becton, USN, Commanding Officer of the destroyer USS Laffey which, despite being struck by eight Japanese suicide aircraft did not sink.



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